Gopher Sign

  Founded in 1922 Gopher Sign Co. has been manufacturing signs and proudly serving customers for over 80 years in the sign industry. With our beginning in license plate manufacturing in 1922 Gopher Sign has today evolved into a multifaceted manufacturer of traffic signs, parking signs, street signs and made-to-order custom signage using both metal embossing and silkscreen printing methods. Our broad array of manufacturing capabilities and experience make us one of the most complete sign manufacturing facilities in the United States.

In addition to our standard sign offerings we also carry many additional products to supply the sign industry such as sign mounting hardware, posts, street sign brackets, portable sign bases and construction zone products.

Building off years of experience making signs to meet state and federal regulations Gopher Sign was a pioneer in developing a full line of Winter Recreation signage specifically for the Alpine and Nordic ski area industry. Additionally, we now also offer a full line of signage and marking products for hiking, biking and snowmobile trails.

Primary reasons for Gopher Sign Company’s continued presence as a leader in the sign industry spring from our reliable quality and customer satisfaction. We still offer friendly and insightful consultation into the manufacturing process and provide the best quality materials and workmanship.

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Gopher Sign Company