Gopher Sign

  This is where the questions go.

Q. Should I buy Non Reflective or Reflective finish signs?
A. Non Reflective signs are more economical than Reflective signs. However, they do not offer the same level of night time visibility when illuminated by automobile headlights. If you feel night time visibility is important we recommend a Reflective sign. Reflectivity is also recommended if the signs are to be located on public roadways.

Q. Why aren't all signs offered in both Non Reflective and Reflective finishes?
A. Signs used in certain applications such as traffic movement, in which night time visibility is critical, are only offered in a Reflective finish.

Q. Should I buy a U-Channel post or an Econo U-Channel post?
A. If you are going to mount a small sign such as a 12" x 6" or 12" x 12" no higher than four feet off the ground you can get away with an Econo U-Channel post. However, for sign sizes 12" x 18" or larger that need to be mounted four to seven feet above ground level we recommend the regular U-Channel post.

Q. How is a U-Channel post set into the ground?
A. Our U-Channel mounting posts are designed to be driven into the ground with the aid of a Post Pounder or sledge hammer. An optional Post Pounding Cap is also available to protect the top of the post from the impact damage of the sledge hammer. One end of each post is tapered so that it will drive into the ground slightly easier. It is recommended that 18" to 24" of the post's length be driven into the ground. Please note that U-Channel posts are not designed to be driven into concrete or other hard surfaces.

Q. How does a sign attach to a U-Channel post?
A. To mount a sign to a U-Channel post simply place the 5/16" bolts through the top and bottom holes of the sign and corresponding post holes with the sign against the widest side of the U-Channel post. Place the supplied washers on the bolts and tighten the nuts to secure the sign to the post.

Q. Are the bolts, washers and nuts supplied with all sign orders?
A. Because of the different styles of hardware needed to accommodate the wide variety of surfaces, posts and brackets to which signs are typically mounted, we don't supply mounting hardware with orders that only consist of signs. However, orders for signs that include U-Channel posts, cast-iron pedestal bases or sign mounting brackets will include the proper hardware for mounting.

Q. How can I mount a sign to a post that is not a U-Channel post?
A. In our Accessories section we offer two different styles of Mounting Brackets that are designed to mount signs to posts other than U-Channel posts. To figure out which bracket you will need, measure the post that will be used for mounting.