Gopher Sign Company is committed to finding creative ways to reduce the impact that sign manufacturing has on the environment.

Recognizing that all of the durable outdoor sign technologies in use today, including HPL, fiberglass embedment, and fused polycarbonate, have elements of their manufacturing processes that are not environmentally friendly, we developed ImageLOC® with a focus on environmental stewardship. ImageLOC® is a proprietary technology that brings a new level of “green” to the durable sign manufacturing process.

ImageLOC® signs are printed on aluminum, the most recycled metal in the world. The proprietary organic coatings we apply to the aluminum panels are fused together to produce an ImageLOC® sign. No solvents, formaldehyde, VOCs, or Bisphenols are used in the manufacturing process, which makes ImageLOC® one of the most environmentally friendly sign printing technologies available today.

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