ImageLOC® Pedestal (pad mount, with frame)

ImageLOC® Pedestal Style Signs: Popular Configurations. Configure, price and order the most popular ImageLOC® sizes and configurations online. If you prefer, request CUSTOM IMAGELOC® QUOTE, here.


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ImageLOC® Pedestal signs differ from Cantilever signs in construction and aspect ratios available for your content. Choose this style over cantilever style signs when you need a wider than taller format and/or the sign surface to extend beyond its supports. Pedestal-style signs can be single or double pedestal, dictated by the size of the sign surface. This is a low-profile design with room under each side edge. This is a type of wayside sign best used along roadsides and pathways in park settings and adjacent to exhibit pathways. The NPS has developed an excellent wayside signs guide, download here.

Popular Configurations
ImageLOC® Pedestal signs are a unique value in durable low profile, wayside and exhibit sign printing and construction. The sign panel is printed on our unique substrate, designed to resist expansion and contraction in temperature and weather extremes. ImageLOC® Pedestal signs are graffiti resistant; most graffiti can be removed so that minimal sign degradation is likely. 

  • Panel Printing: Full Color Digital Printing on one or both sides.
  • Printed Panel Size Choices: 18×12 | 24×18 | 24×24 | 36×24 | 48×24
  • Embedding: Direct embed or pad mounted*.
  • Framing: Printed area framing is included.
  • Post And Frame Construction: Anodized metal in medium brown or black.

*Mounting hardware is included with your order for the mounting option that you choose.

ImageLOC® Artwork Requirements

Please read the following requirements concerning artwork files for your ImageLoc® Signs.

We prefer High Quality PDF files created in: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, or CorelDraw. We are also able to work with EPS, PNG and JPG, provided they were saved from the original vector file. Please provide the original native files if they are available.

Source File Requirements

We suggest that your artwork be designed to or larger than the size you want printed, with all attributes set to 300 ppi minimum resolution.

Download Prepress Guidelines Here

About ImageLOC® Pedestal Sign Construction
Our ImageLOC® Pedestal Signs provide the key benefit of low life cycle cost among all durable sign technologies. Our digital printing techniques, offer you enhanced color of luminescence and resolution of images and text. The resulting vivid printing resists expansion and contraction in temperature extremes and has proven to be graffiti proof and vandal resistant. Finally, our unique printing processes offer a low cost option to print on the front and/or backside of your sign.

Single and double post pedestal bases are designed to accommodate our standard panel shapes and sizes from 18 to 48 inches wide, and from 12 to 48 inches high. Our standard pedestal sign ship to you complete with threaded stainless steel studs  embedded into the back of the sign which attach to posts beneath the exhibit base with tamper proof hardware.

Pedestal Style Interpretive Sign Architectural Drawings

18X12 Pedestal Style Interpretive Sign
36X24 Pedestal Style Interpretive Sign
18X24 Pedestal Style Interpretive Sign
48X24 Pedestal Style Interpretive Sign
24X18 Pedestal Style Interpretive Sign
24X24 Pedestal Style Interpretive Sign