ImageLOC® Sign Technology

Durable – Innovative – Economical

  • Lowest lifecycle cost of any durable sign technology
  • Graffiti proof, vandal resistant
  • Enhances color, luminance and resolution resulting in vivid reproduction of images
  • Low cost, unique ability to print on the backside of a sign
  • Substrate resists expansion and contraction in temperature extremes
  • Panel sizes up to 4 ft x 10 ft; paneling available for large sign applications
  • Fully structural sign at all thicknesses (no frame required)
  • Standard thickness .125” 
  • Custom contoured shapes, cutouts, windows, interactive signs, etc.
  • Optional flush mounted stainless steel studs and tamper-proof hardware
  • 3-dimensional, multi-layer signs available
  • Full line of exhibit bases and frame options available

ImageLOC® Sign Applications

Click on the thumbnails below to view a gallery of each type of ImageLOC® Sign application.



Interpretive signage should be an “eye opener” that captures the viewers’ attention with attractive graphics, succinct text and photo-quality imagery that adds impact to the sign panel. ImageLOC® is ideal for interpretive, historical or museum signage due to its ability to capture viewer interest and attention with vivid, high-resolution graphics, striking color and exceptional visual clarity.

Park & Recreation

ImageLOC® signs are ideal for park and recreation applications due to the unique durability of this proprietary sign technology. It is designed to stand up to the harshest climates, from the heat of the desert, to sub-zero arctic temperatures. Further, its inherent properties are highly resistant to expansion or contraction, graffiti and vandalism, making it the perfect choice for Park and Recreation signs.

Architectural & Murals

ImageLOC® is well-suited for architectural signage due to its durability, low maintenance and mechanical and structural integrity. It is warranted not to fade, crack, peel or delaminate for a minimum of 10 years, is vandal resistant, and virtually graffiti proof. ImageLOC® is ideal for exterior or interior building signage, wall murals, parking garages, airports, hospitals, schools, retail and more.


ImageLOC® wayfinding/trail signs utilize vivid color reproduction and high-resolution imagery to improve awareness, understanding and effectiveness of the signs. High-resolution graphic reproduction improves readability from all distances, improving the overall impact of the signs.

Zoo & Aquarium

The trend in zoo and aquarium interpretive signage is to have less text, larger headlines, and bigger, more colorful images. ImageLOC® printing technology is ideal for reproducing photo-quality images that are impervious to fading, weather and graffiti. Known for its durable, vivid color reproduction, and life-like imagery, ImageLOC® sign panels provide visitors with dramatic visual appeal to enhance their experience. Appropriately, ImageLOC® is a green technology that is friendly to the environment.


ImageLOC’s durability and structural integrity make it a good choice for Industrial, Commercial and Safety applications, providing exceptional clarity and high-visibility graphics to improve employee awareness and retention. ImageLOC® is warranted not to fade, crack, peel or delaminate for a minimum of 10 years.

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